Hemp-Lime Spray has been set up to promote the use of hempcrete and to provide technical support and know-how for all of your hempcrete projects.

For the last four years I have overseen all of the hempcrete jobs for The Limecrete Company alongside Myles Yallop. I provide technical know-how and support for SHALCO, a newly established hempcrete contractor, and I also work alongside Will and Alex of Hemp-Lime Construct.

As well as my many years’ experience of building and design I have an MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies.

So how can I help you?

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  1. Hi Graham,
    I have been talking with Tom Woolley about looking for some photos for a new hempcrete book I’ve just finished, http://www.newsociety.com/Books/E/Essential-Hempcrete-Construction. He suggested you might be willing to provide a good quality photo of hempcrete being spray applied. We would credit you for the photo, and include your company name.
    We are also looking for a photo of hempcrete installed in a roof, as that’s something we have not done ourselves, but do talk about in the book.
    Please let me know if you might be willing to contribute a photo or two.

  2. I am interested in the use of hemp for construction and to promote good health. I am also interested in the cultivation and processing of hemp.

    I am experienced in the construction of Monolithic Domes but would like to use hempcrete instead of cement. Any information about equipment and materials would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Graham,

      Like Jerry I would very much appreciate if you can share some of your experience in building with hempcrete.
      What machines do you use and recommend for spraying hemp?
      ( Are there any commercial equipment that can be easily adapted/used for the task ? )

      Thank you

      Hi Jerry

      I’m pursuing the same dream, building a Monolithic Hempcrete Dome, would be great to get in touch with you.
      Here is my email address : adrian dot padure @ gmail dot com

      Best wishes,

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