Hempcrete as a sustainable building material

Here’s an article I wrote a while back about why hempcrete is a truly sustainable building material. https://www.innovationnewsnetwork.com/why-hemp-should-be-used-as-a-sustainable-building-material/6022/

Hempcrete for conservation

A few thoughts on using hempcrete in the conservation and renovation of solid wall buildings.

Using Steel in Hempcrete

A FEW THOUGHTS ON THE USE OF STEEL IN HEMPCRETE I have a few reservations about putting steel framing, particularly thin gauge steel, into hempcrete. This is not because I think it cannot work. It is because I think it creates risks of future…

Density and Thermal Performance

A COMPARISON OF DENSITY AND THERMAL PERFORMANCE BETWEEN HAND-CAST AND SPRAY-APPLIED HEMPCRETE It is difficult to compare the density between spray-applied hempcrete and hand-cast without considering consistency across the industry first. Hemp is a natural material and as such varies in particle size and…