Hemp-Lime Spray

Hemp-Lime Spray Limited promotes the use of hempcrete and provides technical support and know-how for all types of hempcrete projects, particularly hempcrete spraying.

My name is Graham Durrant and for four years I was Operations Manager for hempcrete projects at The Limecrete Company, working alongside Myles Yallop. Since April 2015 I have run my own hempcrete company acting as both contractor and green buildings consultant. When I’m not on site with my own spray machine I provide technical know-how and support for other hempcrete contractors, such as SHALCO. I also work alongside Will Stanwix, formerly of Hemp-Lime Construct.

As well as my many years of experience in building and design I have an MSc Architecture in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies. I’m happy to advise architects, building designers and private clients on the detailing required for a successful hempcrete project.

Just to give you an idea of one of the techniques I use to spray hempcrete here’s a video of me spraying onto a brick wall in a building near Harlow.